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Are you having personal or business financial problems?

Do you owe huge credit card debts, back taxes, or high medical bills?

Are you facing foreclosure or repossession?

Are your creditors taking you to court?

You Can Still File for Bankruptcy

The good news is that most people can still qualify for debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 - Wipe Out Your Debts and Start Over

If you have high credit card balances, massive medical bills, or other high debt, creditors are asking for money that you just do not have. They may be threatening foreclosure or repossession, and they will not stop the harassing phone calls and intimidation until you give them what they are after. There is a solution. You Can Still File for Chapter 7.

To qualify for Chapter 7 relieve bankruptcy law establishes a means test based on the median income for your family size. But even many professionals and others with higher incomes may qualify for Chapter 7 debt relief, even if they earned above the median income. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not for everyone, though. It will not stop foreclosure. It will not stop foreclosure if you are unable to pay your mortgage. All Life Legal, P.A. can analyze your particular situation and determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 relief.

Call All Life Legal, P.A. today at 813-671-4300 for a free* initial consultation to discuss Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our attorney's fees can be addressed as part of your repayment plan.